Locks & Keys – Real & Imaginary Journeying in Lemuria – Soul Food Cafe

Way back in 2006 our international group at Soul Food Cafe Daily Writing run by Heather Blakey went on many journeys in cyberspace.  Even though these were entirely virtual and original storytelling, where none of us knew how our travels would unfold, we bravely went along with Enchanteur, our magical guides, our companions and our intuition.Continue reading “Locks & Keys – Real & Imaginary Journeying in Lemuria – Soul Food Cafe”

Making Descansos – Nature Cycles – They Are There

Times goes on and on, memories, winds, sky, rain, clouds, grass, green, dry, sun, indigo, alchemy with loss markings of time passing. Nature unwavering, adapting, greening, whitening, reddening, and blue. Sky brings pictures of you all, ancestral and light, sometimes blue, sometimes grey, sometimes stormy, sometimes heavy with cloud. Yet always under the dark theContinue reading “Making Descansos – Nature Cycles – They Are There”