Winter in the Goldfields – Avoca Victoria

Silo Views in Winter at Avoca Railway Station, Avoca, Victoria

words and images, copyright imogen crest 2019.

Locks & Keys – Real & Imaginary Journeying in Lemuria – Soul Food Cafe


Way back in 2006 our international group at Soul Food Cafe Daily Writing run by Heather Blakey went on many journeys in cyberspace.  Even though these were entirely virtual and original storytelling, where none of us knew how our travels would unfold, we bravely went along with Enchanteur, our magical guides, our companions and our intuition.

We often used ancient texts as prompts, support from fellow travellers, and many other tricks from Enchanteur’s bag, and let the path open to us as we went.  Often there was no path, the way ahead was completely blocked, just like this image of impenetrable bamboo above – daunting – and we would pause by the roadside in despair, only to be enticed by the green on the other side of the barricade and doggedly begin again.

Heather Blakey’s thought provoking post on her site Waiting for Godot Breaking Open a Lock brought back thoughts about locks, snarls, writer blocks, barricades as we went on these journeys. Troublesome figures, grey ghosts on the path, impossible snarls all seemed to disappear when faced head on with intuitive wisdom learning on the roads of Lemuria, even when they seemed insurmountable.

There is something about writing in a group setting and learning from each other, even if virtual, doing the mind work that can act as a safe cracker, a door opener – and magic words that can create a whole new path, just like the fairy tales in ancient times. You just had to travel long enough, hard enough, and use all your senses to make it through. Work on the journey daily. And not give up.

copyright words and images, Imogen Crest, 2018.

Making Descansos – Nature Cycles – They Are There


Times goes




memories, winds, sky, rain, clouds, grass, green, dry, sun, indigo, alchemy

with loss markings of time passing.

Nature unwavering, adapting, greening, whitening, reddening, and blue.

Sky brings pictures of you all, ancestral and light, sometimes blue,

sometimes grey, sometimes stormy, sometimes heavy with cloud.

Yet always under the dark the green pushes through.

We miss you and we know you are there, in the green and blue.

copyright Imogen Crest 2018